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Leadership For Change


On this page we answer the question, what is Leadership for Change?  We explain why we think it’s important and our approach.

You can also view our related training courses, videosnews and events.  We also offer consultancy, facilitation and coaching on this subject.


Leadership and Management in International Development

What 'leadership for change' means to us: 


What do development practitioners most need to learn about leadership and management?  


We believe that it’s a requirement of those who are leading and managing to seek to be authentic, self-aware and effective. To better connect and coordinate action with others.

To really flourish in roles they believe in and contribute to purposes they are inspired by.  







We believe that in turbulent, uncertain times there’s a compelling call for purpose -driven organisations to grow differently and dynamically. And that those in management and leadership roles need to usher in new ways of working and be different from their predecessors.  They have a particular accountability and unique influence – to enable their organisations to develop as complex, adaptive systems in service of their purpose. 

Good management is the life blood of effective operations and delivery.  And good leadership can liberate organisations to adapt, realise their potential and achieve impact.  It is often said that the very best organisations “liberate the leader in everyone”.







Our content is tested and informed by our engagement in current concepts and from our own practice as internal consultants supporting the work of development practitioners in all sorts of organisations and sectors as they bring about social change.

Our Leadership and Management in International Development offer meets people in the reality of their context.  We support them to appreciate their own contribution in managing and leading and how best to develop. This means paying attention to their own approach in the disciple and art of leading and managing.  




Leadership and Management in International Development

(Training course)

Ruth Jolly talks about 'Leadership and Management in Development'












Featured news  


  • WHY: Support as part of their learning and development
  • WHO: International HIV/AIDS Alliance
  • WHAT: Action Learning Sets and coaching for managers.
  • HOW: We facilitated regular Action Learning Sets for groups, facilitated a series of Managers’ Forums, Key topics were discussed and recommendations put forward, ALS were conducted face to face, Coaching workshops
  • WHERE: Brighton, UK
  • WHEN: September 2014 – December 2015

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'Work as One’ retreat for ASPAC-WIPO


Tags: WIPO, Results-Based Management, results framework


  • WHY: The aim of this project is to increase the capacity and pace for technology scouting, absorption, adaptation and innovation in developing and least developing countries. Also, to foster a collaboration strategy and increased teamwork.
  • WHO: WIPO- World Intellectual Property Organisation
  • WHAT: ‘Work as One’ retreat for ASPAC-WIPO
  • HOW: Explore the case for Enabling IP Environment Project, Understand each others’ roles + contributions, Apply RBM, Develop a shared results framework, Agree individual actions that contribute to shared project
  • WHERE: Geneva/ Crozet, Switzerland/ France
  • WHEN: May 2016

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