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Strategic Planning and Fundraising Training

Our face-to-face training courses are currently suspended due to Covid-19. At present, we are adapting and curating these courses to online versions, while maintaining the main elements that make them an IMA training course.

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On this Strategic Planning and Fundraising training course find out how your organisation can grow by planning and implementing your fundraising strategically:
- be inspired to mobilise resources, locally, regionally and internationally
- have more control over the future of your organisation or project funding by creating the right conditions for successful income generation

Duration: 3 days

The price of the course excludes VAT which may be added depending on where you live and status of organisation.

Why choose this course

Whether you need to strengthen and have more control of your fundraising programmes, or simply diversify your income, this training will help you to improve your organisation's long term financial sustainability. It combines the facilitators' global expertise with participants' knowledge and experience in a way that helps each individual to understand how to create the conditions for successful fundraising. It is designed for fundraisers (including those new to it), senior managers, and project managers, who want to develop strategic income.

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What you will learn

Through a mix of practical case studies, theory and participatory activities you learn how to:

  • build a case for support and present to potential donors
  • apply a variety of fundraising techniques
  • target both private and public money
  • do a fundraising audit
  • write a fundraising strategy

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Organisational development for a sustainable future


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