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(Online) Remote Participatory Video Training

This Remote Participatory Video online course is a 2-week programme specifically designed for key personnel in NGOs, government, UN agencies and private sector organisations.

Participants will experience and learn how to facilitate a remote participatory video process. The online training will be very practical; each week will follow a cycle of learning by doing, feedback and reflection. By the end of the training, participants will have completed a participatory film that is ready to be shared for an online screening event.

"Participatory video allows the voices of people facing crisis to be heard, for those who want to listen." Roberto Castillo, Researcher

You will join a peer group of participants from different organisations and countries.
IMA International facilitators will guide and mentor your learning process, providing you with:

1. Practical exercises and reflection activities
2. 5 guided 3-hour group webinars
3. Peer group work
4. Presentations and video inputs
5. Written resources and links
6. Relevant case studies
7. User-friendly platform for accessing all materials, presentations and resources
8. Scheduled access to mentors
9. Personalised mentoring session within 3 months after the course
10. Opportunity to apply Participatory Video techniques in your workplace.

How long: This 2-week programme will take between 25-30 hours to complete, including contact hours, self-study and reflection, peer work, and pre- and post-course learning.

You will be awarded a certificate after completing the course and fulfilling all course criteria.

Apply as a team – the training is perfect for colleagues from the same organisation or working context. You will interview each other and together you will easily integrate the learning into the future work or your organisation.

IMA is proud to partner with Simon Koolwijk (Facili2transform) and Ralf Otto (MomoLogue) to combine their technical know-how with our extensive international development experience to deliver our Remote Participatory Video course.

Simon Koolwijk has more than 10 years’ experience in conducting participatory video interventions and 25 years’ experience in facilitation of multi-stakeholder and complex processes. Simon is both a filmmaker and (online) facilitator and has combined both areas of expertise into participatory video interventions involving people's voices in humanitarian crises interventions, social accountability processes, youth development, biodiversity and nature preservation projects.

Ralf helps organisations in developing a capacity for collective listening. He has accompanied organisations working in crisis-affected contexts for the past 20 years, and concentrates on human-centred and listening-based approaches to programme design, monitoring and evaluation, as well as learning. Ralf is a facilitator and trainer working with film since 2013. He is the co-initiator of ReflACTION, a worldwide initiative, promoting people-centred ways of working.

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Duration: 25-30 hours over 2 weeks

The price of the course excludes VAT which may be added depending on where you live and status of organisation.

Why choose this course

Participatory video captures what surveys, questionnaires and bar charts fail to communicate: the human stories and voices of the people. There is an increasing need to listen to these voices and have them visualised for a deeper understanding and learning of monitoring, evaluation and learning processes. People's emotions touch on and make a difference in decision-making processes, a report disappears in the drawer.

This training is for professionals (in communication, monitoring, evaluation, management, learning, or technical expertise) working in humanitarian crisis intervention or on development projects, where people centred in-depth stories provide added value for baseline assessment, monitoring & evaluation, communication and advocacy. If you have an interest in and/or a passion for photography and video, this course is for you.

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What you will learn

Skills you will be able to apply after the course:

- Knowledge about the process of remote participatory video and how to jointly develop a story online

- Insight on where and how you can apply remote participatory video in complex environments, where stories provide awareness, profound meaning, and in-depth understanding for the monitoring and evaluation process

- Insight on how to facilitate a remote participatory video-making process

- A completed participatory film that is ready to be shared for an online screening

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Collect stories and gain in-depth understanding

Watch this video to find out more.


Module 1:
Introduction, review of own working context, motivations and introduction to remote participatory video and people centred approaches
Module 2:
Story development, selection of a joint topic and the first stage of script development. Camera techniques and kick-off practicals and research
Module 3:
Review practicals and research, finalise script development, practicals in interview techniques and assignments for shooting videos

Module 4:
Review first footage, joint editing and dialogue, and assignments for additional shooting and recording
Module 5:
Review of the first draft film and plan for a final screening, discussion on how and when to apply PV in the workplace and evaluation of the PV process.

Discussion on how and when to apply in the work situation and evaluation of the PV process.

The final screening will take place within 1 week after the training. Participants can invite colleagues or friends to the online screening.

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