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(Online) Monitoring and Evaluation for Results Training

This Monitoring and Evaluation online course is a 6-week programme specifically designed for development workers in NGOs, government, UN agencies and private sector organisations. The course addresses M&E for the entire results chain, including the all-important outcomes, and enables you to understand the importance of using information and knowledge for evidence-based decision making.

You work from the comfort of your own home or office. You complete the course over 6 weeks with facilitated, scheduled live meetings.

You will join a peer group of participants from different organisations and countries. IMA International facilitators will guide and mentor your learning process, providing you with:

1. Practical exercises and reflection activities
2. 6 guided 90-minute group webinars
3. Paired and peer group work
4. Presentations and video inputs
5. Written resources and links
6. Relevant case studies
7. User-friendly platform for accessing all materials, presentations and resources, sharing with your peer group and uploading your regular assignments to a dedicated portfolio
8. Scheduled access to mentors
9. Personalised mentoring session as 3-month follow up

For the course starting on the 23rd August the provisional webinar dates are the 26th August, and the 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th September all at 12pm (BST).

How long: the 6 week programme will take between 30-40 hours to complete including: contact hours; self-study and reflection; peer and paired work; pre and post course learning.

You are awarded an M&E certificate after completing the course and fulfilling all course criteria.

More dates will be added soon, please sign up for our online learning updates to receive notifications.

Duration: 6 weeks

Application Deadline
04 Oct 21-12 Nov 21
01 Oct 21
£1250 (excl. VAT)
08 Nov 21-17 Dec 21
05 Nov 21
£1250 (excl. VAT)

The price of the course excludes VAT which may be added depending on where you live and status of organisation.

Why choose this course

You will learn how to:

• decide what and how to monitor with different stakeholders
• clarify key results at the programme-level using logic models
• plan a project using the logical framework
• develop indicators and targets
• use participatory methods for data collection and analysis
• design and manage evaluation
• use your M&E findings to improve learning and stakeholder engagement
• develop and work with a practical M&E system.

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What you will learn

Module 1: M&E fundamentals
Module 2: Stakeholders in M&E
Module 3: Logic models
Module 4: M&E frameworks
Module 5: Assumptions and risks
Module 6: Developing indicators, targets and means of verification
Module 7: Data collection methods
Module 8: Reviews in M&E
Module 9: Baseline, evaluation, and impact studies.
Module 10: Participatory appraisal
Module 11: Prepare an M&E plan
Module 12: M&E systems and Learning

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Monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes using results approaches


Module 1:The fundamentals of M&E and results approaches
Module 2:Identify stakeholders and their differing needs and roles with M&E
Module 3: Creating logic models, their uses and forms
Module 4: Working with different types of frameworks
Module 5: Understanding the difference between assumptions and risks in design
Module 6: Developing indicators, targets and means of verification at different result levels
Module 7: Qualitative and quantitative data collection approaches and instruments and data management
Module 8: Reviews in M&E
Module 9: Baseline data, evaluation types and methods, and impact studies.
Module 10: Participatory appraisal methods for M&E
Module 11: Preparation of a tailored organisational M&E plan
Module 12: M&E systems and using information for Learning
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