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Monitoring and Evaluation for Results 5-days Training

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) for Results addresses M&E for the entire results chain, including the all-important outcomes. This 10-day course with 5-day option covers the principles, and embeds the practice of M&E for results. You can attend the M&E for Results 10 day course and later attend our Theory of Change or Leadership and Management for International Development training (within a 12 month period) and receive our Certificate in Applied Evaluation or Certificate in Development Management.

Duration: 5 days

Application Deadline
21-25 Sep 20
24 Aug 20
09-13 Nov 20
09 Oct 20

Please note if your sponsor is registered in the UK, VAT will be added to this course fee at 20%.

Why choose this course

Delivered by our practitioners with extensive participatory field experience, this is the leading M&E course for development professionals providing latest M&E thinking and practice, including results approaches. The course is for managers and monitoring and evaluation officers who need to supervise, manage, plan and implement M&E in their projects and programmes. This course brings learning into practice and enables you to understand the difference between data, information and knowledge which is a key aspect to ensure strategic decision making. No prior knowledge of M&E is necessary.

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What you will learn

Through a mix of practical activities, theory and examples of effective practice you will learn how to:

  • decide what and how to monitor with different stakeholders
  • clarify key results at the programme-level using logic models
  • plan a project using the logical framework
  • develop indicators and targets
  • use participatory methods for data collection and analysis
  • combine qualitative and quantitative approaches to gather and interpret data
  • design and manage evaluation
  • use your M&E findings to improve learning and stakeholder engagement
  • develop and work with a practical M&E system.

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Using the results approach for projects and programmes


Day 1

Week 1: Principles of M&E for Results
The changing role and practice of M&E

  • M&E fundamentals
  • results approaches: outputs, outcomes and impact
  • relate M&E to your programme and project cycle
  • identify stakeholders and their differing needs and roles.

Day 2

Results framework

  • develop logic models
  • work with and beyond logframes.

Day 3

Developing M&E frameworks

  • criteria for indicators
  • develop project indicators
  • identify means of verification.

Day 4

Gathering data/information

  • quantitative and qualitative approaches and instruments
  • data organisation, quality assurance and analysis
  • design baseline, evaluation and impact studies.

Day 5

M&E system and plan

  • prepare M&E plan
  • M&E system
  • week 1 learning synthesis.
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