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Our face-to-face training courses are currently suspended due to Covid-19. At present, we are adapting and curating these courses to online versions, while maintaining the main elements that make them an IMA training course. Find out more about our online training courses.


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Whether you work within a government ministry, NGO, private sector, research institute or UN agency, directly implementing programmes, working in partnership or doing advocacy at policy level, we offer a range of international quality participatory training courses to suit your needs.




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Our training courses are not just PowerPoints and flipcharts!

Read about what you get as an IMA course participant here.



With over 35 years’ experience of providing training and professional development in international development, we know our courses are a good offer.

We hold that one fundamental element of capacity building is training.

We believe training should offer a chance to reflect on your individual practice, gain new understanding and skills, and learn about innovative approaches in development to promote sustainable change.



Through interactive approaches and dedication, training enables you to complete a course confident in your ability to take what you have learnt and share with your organisation and wider so you can have a positive impact. Training has the potential to make sustainable change at both the individual, organisational and wider level.

Training also offers a unique opportunity for mixed groups of people representing different types and scales of organisations to come together, learn and listen to each other’s practice and foster commonality. This can be incredibly enlightening: hearing how another sector or organisation actually tackles and addresses the same issues you have. This the beginning of innovation and realising that there are multiple ways of dealing with issues.



Our interactive and participatory training approach ensures that all course participants are engaged and learn new skills through doing, reflection and sharing.

Our learning experience takes place in formal and informal settings designed to appeal to different learning styles. It reaches beyond the formal course setting to include:

  • pre-course: your receive individual personal contact; opportunity to express your needs and guidance on how to make the most of your upcoming course;
  • during the course: according to your feedback an group needs, your learning programme is reviewed and adapted daily;
  • post-course: we contact you with follow up support via email and skype calls to help further embed your new practices.

Individuals coming on our courses always benefit: you will gain on a personal level (expanded awareness and ideas, relationships, creativity, hindsight) and through enhanced work-related skills which you can confidently take back and put into practice. 









"IMA is the best training organisation I have come across so far in my working life. The training is tailored, interactive, exciting and effective. I recommend this training to all who want to upgrade themselves."


 Michael Darko, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Ghana Commercial Agriculture Project 





  • support and advice to help you choose and enrol on the training
  • course that matches your needs.
  • our welcome pack which gives you information you need to get to your training venue and explore the local area.
  • tuition, including presentations, group activities and one-to-one support throughout
    field visits on longer courses
  • a social and cultural programme -including a dinner for every course
  • training materials including a -course folder and memory stick of materials
  • light refreshments throughout
  • course certificate of attendance and participant group photo
  • a 1 to 1 coaching session with a certified coach on our three week courses.
  • free ongoing support and advice from the IMA team
  • free membership to our alumni network - a way to stay in touch with course participants.




  • accommodation — our courses are non-residential, so you are free to choose accommodation to match your budget and needs. We recommend you stay at the training venue if possible.  You will receive our welcome pack four weeks before your course which is full of useful information for your stay. 
  • transport — please book your flight to arrive the day before the course starts. Information on airport transfers is in your welcome pack.
  • visas — please make sure your passport has any visas you need for the country you are training in. If you're coming to the UK, see our UK Visa Guidelines.
  • insurance —  please make sure you have your own valid travel insurance
  • daily expenses — we suggest £20-£40 a day on top of your accommodation costs, for meals, laundry, Wi-Fi connection and incidental expenses.  Although in some cases we do provide lunch, please assume we do not, and budget accordingly.




Payment must be made at least four weeks before the training course starts.
VAT is applicable for all UK based organisations and people.








"Participatory, practical and engaging. Great environment for learning!"

 Johanna Zilliacus, Project Officer, Nordic Climate Facility, Nordic Development Fund 


How to apply


  • choose your course and fill in our online application form or email us.


  • we check your learning objectives.


  • we contact your sponsor to confirm they will pay the tuition fee.  We are unable to sponsor you ourselves.


  • when your sponsor confirms they will pay the fee, we send the sponsor the invoice payment and a confirmation email to you. We also provide a visa support letter to help you obtain a visa from the relevant embassy if you need one.


  • your sponsor pays the invoice.


  • courses are confirmed four weeks before the course start date, if not earlier.  This is dependant on the number of people who confirm attending. We send you a welcome pack full of useful information so you can book flights and accommodation. If we cancel a course and you have already paid, we give you a full refund and also give you a 15% discount on future course bookings.


  • please try to arrive at the training venue the day before the course starts.







Watch our application process video


This video gives a quick oversight of the stages and process of applying for our training courses.  What you can expect from us and what we would like from you.


(Online) Monitoring, Evaluation Accountability and Learning

  • 07/03/22 - 29/04/22 - Online, United Kingdom
  • (Online) Project Monitoring Techniques

  • 07/02/22 - 18/03/22 - Online, United Kingdom
  • (Online) Remote Participatory Video

  • 21/02/22 - 11/03/22 - Online, United Kingdom
  • (Online) Sustainable Finance

  • 24/01/22 - 04/03/22 - Online, United Kingdom
  • (Online) Knowledge Management

  • 13/12/21 - 04/02/22 - online, United Kingdom
  • 14/02/22 - 25/03/22 - Online, United Kingdom
  • 25/04/22 - 10/06/22 - Online, United Kingdom






    "Change will happen anyway so it is up to you to adapt to it and understand it."

    Mohamed Suleiman, Project Management Specialist, USAID Sudan