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We offer consultation services for groups of decision-makers, implementers and international development practitioners, working in function or project teams - in complex organisations of social change.

In-House Training

Build your own training programme with a customised in-house course for your organisation.  Mix and match objectives and topics, location and course length, and number of participants to perfectly suit you.


We run participatory and holistic open training courses in South Africa, Thailand, Belgium and the United kingdom as well as in-house training to meet your personal and organisation-wide needs.


Facilitation is the conscious process of assisting a group to successfully achieve its task while functioning as a group. This involves reflection, learning and creativity through the safe expression of opinions, views and perspectives.


Professional coaches work with staff in all kinds of organisations, not just sport, helping them solve work and personal challenges to achieve huge success.


We regularly run forums and events to support continuous learning and sharing for development practitioners.


What our customers say


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