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Our flexitime online training courses are programmes that run over several weeks for people who work in the international development sector. We are carefully adapting and curating our face-to-face training courses to fit with current world events, while maintaining the main elements that make an IMA training course an IMA training course.

IMA International facilitators will guide and mentor you through your learning process using multiple user-friendly online platforms, incorporating group and individual activities, personalised mentoring, while providing researched and relevant resources and tools.

You will learn with a peer group of participants from different organisations and countries, in a place and at a pace that suits you, while still experiencing the essence of our world-renowned training courses.


Knowledge Management online

Find out how your organisation can learn from its people and its experiences



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Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability & Learning online 

Monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes using results approaches


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Sustainable Finance online

Learning financial management skills to build capacity



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Project Monitoring Techniques online

Real-Time Monitoring Systems for adaptive project management



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Our online tailored training programmes are adapted to your needs.  You benefit from a unique programme, designed to suit your context.


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We are also currently developing more online learning spaces to suit all your needs such as webinars and real-time group meetings.  

If you would like to receive updates on our progress or have bespoke requests, please click the button above.


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