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Strategic Planning for Resource Mobilisation

IMA enjoyed running our recent 3 day training in Strategic Planning and Fundraising with JA Europe, thank you to those involved! JA Europe is a member of JA Worldwide, working to help prepare young school aged people for employment and entrepreneurship, creating pathways for employability, job creation and financial success. 

This workshop took place in Moldova with JA CEO’s and managers from Georgia, Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria and Romania, before their annual meeting which was a great opportunity to continue connections made and use this energy to generate new ideas and strategies. After working closely with JA Europe to gain a deep understanding of the way the organisation works over multiple countries, IMA developed a 3 day programme to enable participants to plan and develop country specific organisational strategies for fundraising.

An unexpected highlight for all was made during this training, one of our facilitators had a friend in Moldova who also happened to be an Alumni of JA Europe! Nikolai is now successfully managing his own business, illustrating the effective work of JA Europe, and giving our course participants a chance to hear his personal story about the positive effects of JA Europe’s work.

The workshop ended with the development of individual action plans for creating sustainable and supportive organisations. Development of these action plans gives a firm grounding for the behaviour change and capacity development practitioners want to see after a training.’

‘I really enjoyed the training of strategic planning and fundraising skills. It gave me opportunities to look beyond my daily focus at work and about possibilities that exist out there for people from my sector’ - Kristina Velkovska Dias, CFO, JA Europe.

‘I really enjoyed these three days of training facilitated by IMA. Chris and Jolan are very knowledgeable, explain things well and inspire an atmosphere for positive thinking and shaking’ - Celia Deitz Valdespino, JA Worldwide, Director, Global Development.

  • WHO: JA Europe
  • WHAT: Workshop
  • HOW: 3 day workshop
  • WHERE: Chisinau, Moldova
  • WHEN: 9-11 April 2019

Tags: Strategic Planning, Resource Mobilisation, JA Europe

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