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Remote Support and Training in Results Based Management


IMA provided a five-day remote training for 25 staff of Aga Khan Agency for Habitat (AKAH) in Results Based Management, using a mix of our specialist online learning platform, presentations delivered remotely, and exercises and reading materials tailored to AKAH using documents shared by the AKAH team.   

We are well known for our engaging and participatory method of training, and we kept this up online!  Before the course delivery we selected 5 people from the AKAH team to get extra training in facilitation.  They then guided their team-mates through the participatory exercises designed to complement and embed their learning. We know that the best way for learning to happen is by participation, application and reflection, and alongside the participatory exercises, each day we collectively discussed insights and challenges, and provided feedback on groupwork outputs.  All done remotely!    


Done well, RBM can:  

Encourage effective M&E design, data creation, analysis, transmission and use in decision making  

Align project M&E with the wider strategic direction, data requirements and decision making procedures of the organization as a whole  

Align Results-based M&E with financial, human resources & information technology systems 

Encourage people to interact with each other at the national, organizational, and sub-organizational level  


You can hear for yourself how this training was received:


We can provide facilitation and support in the way that suits you. 

Although we look forward to working face to face again, we are also encouraged by the new world of options and possibilities remote training can offer.  Find out more here!


"I keep six honest serving-men
 (They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When 
 And How and Where and Who."

-Rudyard Kipling