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Invitation for 2019 Summer Courses

Come and join us by the sea this summer in the UK! We are delighted to be running our Certificate in International Development programme in Brighton, comprising the Leadership and Management in International Development and Monitoring and Evaluation for Results courses. Three full and varied weeks of learning, discovery and applying lessons combine for a powerful and practical developmental experience.

Any monitoring, evaluation, implementation and general project management relies on management and leadership skills. To effectively harmonize an  M&E system, we need to know how to read power, influence, motivate and coordinate action with others. Being able to use your natural ability to lead and prioritise demands, know how to analyse your network, and how to understand your learning and leadership preferences will all contribute to your M&E system.

These leadership skills will help at all levels of international development projects and programmes. To be able to gather data at field level, perhaps in a different culture, perhaps in a different language, again requires sensitivities and the skills to look at ourselves and  own parts that we play in our communications with others. 

Participatory methods and thinking are integral to IMA International – these are reflected both in the content of our training, and in the style and facilitation of our workshops.

No matter how good the training, we know that actually applying newly-learned skills and behaviours back in the work place is a real challenge, so while you are with us on this Certificate programme we use a range of methodologies to really maximise uptake and application for your benefit.

This Certificate programme includes a 1-1 professional coaching session after you return to work to help embed your learning.  This gives you an opportunity to commit to your intentions, truly translate your learning into action  and supports you in your active development  to be more effective in your role and as a person.

'IMA trainings care not only about how much you’ve learned but they also ensure that you will learn'. Von Ryan Gustilo, Detention Programme Officer, International Committee of The Red Cross.

  • WHAT: Training course
  • WHERE: Brighton, UK
  • WHEN: July 2019

Tags: Monitoring and Evaluation, Leadership and Management in International Development, Certificate in International Development Management, Brighton, Bangkok, Cape Town

"I keep six honest serving-men
 (They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When 
 And How and Where and Who."

-Rudyard Kipling