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Alumnus update

Last week, Knowledge Management alumnus Labana Steven got in touch with us to share a video he features in about ‘Social mapping integrated with geographic information systems (GIS)’ that was produced by Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF).

He also shared these kind words… “Thanks the KM techniques you shared to me befitting our country and our organisation and other stakeholders. Regards to all”

Here you can view what Labana had to say just after attending the KM course in Brighton last year, explaining his work with MSFOCB using social mapping to involve beneficiaries in emergencies.

Great work Labana and MSF and thanks for sharing!

“As KM champions we need to promote sharing knowledge.”

Labana Steven

Find out more about our Knowledge Management course here…

#KM #socialmapping #beneficiaries #emergencyresponse #KnowledgeManagement #IMA


  • WHY: Knowledge Sharing
  • WHO: Alumnus Labana Steven
  • WHAT: Social mapping intergrated with GIS
  • HOW: Using video
  • WHERE: Malawi
  • WHEN: August 2019

Tags: social mapping, video

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