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Leadership For Change

Here are some resources about Leadership For Change

A psychometric assessment from MiRo

This is used by our team for ourselves and with participants...

The MiRo Assessment is based on a simple online questionnaire, which takes no more than 15 minutes to complete. The results will be fairly consistent over time but MiRo can also give you some information about what might be happening for you right now.



A reading list for Leadership and Organisational Development MS Word



Doughnut economics

Kate Raworth highlights her vision of what doughnut economics is and how we meet the needs of the people within the capability or means of our planet. Her doughnut metaphor is a serious depiction of how social and planetary boundaries need to work in harmony and particularly provides a compass or measure of how we should live sustainably in the 21st Century and beyond.

We visited her speaking at this years (2017) Meaning Conference in Brighton, UK.


Ghandi’s 7 Social Sins

given in 1925 to his nephew just before he died:

  1. Politics without principle
  2. Wealth without work
  3. Commerce without morality
  4. Pleasure without conscience
  5. Education without character
  6. Science without humanity
  7. Worship without sacrifice


Systems thinking and leadership

Margaret Wheatley renowned author on systems thinking and leadership.  She has a vision of compassionate leadership.  


Innovation is the culture of asking the right questions. 

The 8 principals of successful optimists:

  1. Unashamed optimism of ambition about the future
  2. Engage in projects that are bigger than you are.  Find something more important than you are and dedicate your life to that
  3. You are what you do.  Not what you intend to do
  4. Making mistakes is OK.  Not trying is irresponsible
  5. Engineer serendipity (smash yourself constantly with new ideas).  Maybe have a serendipity fund at work where we do things that we don’t necessarily think we will enjoy – but we might just learn something?
  6. Think like an engineer not like a politician
  7. Play the long game (aka ‘lose a lot’)
  8. Police your own cynicism.  Don’t be cynical (Dresses up laziness as wisdom)