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Knowledge Management and Sharing

Here are some resources about Knowledge Management and Sharing





After Action Reviews (AAR) PDF

An After Action review (AAR) is a simple process used by a team to capture lessons learned from successes and failures, with the goal of improving future performance.


CAST-KM Capacity assessment tool MS Word



KM Self-assessment five competencies framework PDF



KMbForum 2019 pdf slides PDF

Knowledge indicators workshop report 8th March 2013



Knowledge management and lessons learned. Chris Collinson speaking at Henley Business school 2012 (10 mins)



Knowledge, policy and power in international development: a practical framework for improving policy



Measuring knowledge management: evidence essentials in purposedriven organizations

Silvia and Ruth have recently had an article published in the Knowledge Management for Development Journal about measuring knowledge management in purpose-driven organisations.

Project charter MSF OCB KM project PDF




A retrospect is a tool for 'learning after doing'.  Taken from 'Learning to fly', by C. Collinson and G. Parcell, 2004.


Ted talk - Manuel Lima

Manuel Lima explaining network mapping and visualising inherent complexities of networks 

The learning NGO, Intrac Occasional Paper series n 17, 1998, B Britton. And learning NGO assessment PDF / PDF



UNDP knowledge management strategy framework 2014-17 PDF