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Strategic Planning Process at Dinamia

In Madrid, our trainers Dani and Inigo have been working with Dinamia, a social consultancy specialising in economic, social and educational projects, both in Spain and Latin America. Dinamia has been working collectively since 2004 and is made up of professionals from the social and solidarity economy, who propose working with new management models and strategic consulting for public and private institutions and the Third Sector.  

Using a Theory U approach, combined with different strategic planning tools as Theory of Change, Dani and Inigo facilitated Dinamia’s Strategic Planning Process considering perceptions and expectations of different actors inside and outside Dinamia, an exploration of assumptions, mindsets and belief systems relationships, governing values and intentions, the desired change, the conditions for the change, and Dinamia’s contribution to changes for the future’

We received a great deal of feedback from those who participated in this process, including the below:

"First I would like to tell you that it has been long time ago since I learned so much from 2 consultants; from their methodologies, from their holistic understanding of organisational work. This is the first time I find professionals who are not afraid to dive deep into the social life of an organisation, who do not escape from the cultural dimension, power relations...

The other key lesson is for me has been how to build the consultant role. Being a Consultant implies finding a delicate balance between empathy and distance, presence and detachment. I think you have achieved this outstandingly. I congratulate you for this. It is not easy at all".

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"I keep six honest serving-men
 (They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When 
 And How and Where and Who."

-Rudyard Kipling