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My week with IMA international

by Flo McKenzie

My name is Flo McKenzie and I’ve completed a one week work experience placement with IMA international. During this week I found the staff to be incredibly kind, helpful and interesting people who shared their knowledge and advice with me about what they do and about what I want to go on to do in the future. I’ve learnt about different general technology and social media skills necessary for many different jobs, including how to use types of social media analytics software, google business packages, social media pages and the features they offer for marketing purposes, public speaking apps and many alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint for creating presentations. I’ve developed my research and communication skills by relating key points within proposals to modern studies and technology, talking to staff members and participants attending the training course in Brighton, and looking into the work that those individuals do across the globe. This really helped me identify possible career paths for in international development, working for NGOs and the UN.

Visiting the training course gave me an amazing insight into the world of international development - I was introduced to great people and opportunities, useful techniques that can be applied to management jobs in any field, and fantastic resources that I can use to develop my own skills and knowledge. I would recommend a placement here to anyone interested in international development, I found the experience incredibly valuable and I’ve learnt some skills that I’m sure I will use for the rest of my working life.