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My Summer Internship at IMA

by Becca

‚ÄčAfter completing my BA in Liberal Arts and Sciences (Anthropology), I knew I wanted to pursue a career in international development, and the opportunity to intern at IMA was an ideal starting point.

I worked at IMA for a month in July, starting the week commencing their summer courses in Brighton. During my time I familiarised myself with the theories and concepts IMA use in the running of their organisation, and became accustomed to using the back-end of the website and Salesforce. It was interesting to see the types of organisations and people that partake in IMA’s training.

I attended the Monitoring and Evaluation course on the last day to see the participants’ presentations and could see how much they valued the learning and the confidence they had gained from the course. It was so interesting to learn about the participants and the kinds of work they undertook as well as getting to know them as people.

Back in the office, I put together a participant data report for 2018, looking for patterns or changes since the previous years. I then presented this to the team and we discussed ways that the data could be utilised in the company for improving the application process or for marketing purposes. I also helped on writing a proposal for a set of in-house training courses, mainly working on the scheduling for each day. I enjoyed this as I could see how the courses come together and the thought that goes into creating them.

My next steps are to go and teach English in Vietnam for five months and potentially find some volunteering work after completing my teaching placement. With IMA having connections with so many countries I hope to meet up with some alumni from courses to see how they are getting on and learn more about the work that they do. The following academic year I plan to do a Master’s degree in International Development (potentially with a focus on the environment and politics as well).

Interning at IMA has been a fantastic opportunity to experience what the world of work is like and has given me a window into the field of development. I am excited to see where it takes me as I continue navigating my career path into this field.