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Deep conversations

by Chris Grose

30 degrees on a lazy Sunday afternoon and we found ourselves having several deep conversations with a few of the participants on our M&E course in Brighton.  My son, studying for an A level Chemistry exam the next day, said he would say hi and then have to get back to work. Two hours later he was still intrigued by the powerful story telling of our friends from Rwanda and Cameroon.  We shared a traditional cream tea under a tree in the shade of a mountain ash with a cool breeze from the South Downs helping the situation as it was.  Discussions at these type of events, designed to welcome those without family or friends nearby whilst studying on an IMA International course in Brighton, often cover subjects such as the economy, current news, agriculture, education and the like.  This Sunday was a bit different, my children are older and a little more worldly-wise and enjoy engaging with people from different cultures and contexts.  Discussion about the war in Rwanda where a million were killed in 3 months was hard, stilted and at times we knew when to stop.  Our friends were young during that time but their stories of close escape and terrifying feelings of being trapped, not able to go outside, shocked us.  Believe us, our friends said, everyone has those stories to tell in our country.