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Public Private Partnerships for Development

Cross Sector Collaboration

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Duration: 5 days

IMA International, a leading provider of participatory and innovative training and consultancy partners with Estelle Levin, a consultancy specialised in responsible sourcing of minerals, to deliver this long established training on Public Private Partnerships (PPP). PPPs are increasingly essential for companies, NGOs, governments as well as development agencies to achieve business and societal goals. This course helps you to overcome the challenges of creating these effective partnerships through addressing the different organisational drivers, values and cultures.

Why choose this course

This Public Private Partnerships for Development training course is for those involved with, or planning to develop partnerships or collaboration among governments, INGOs and the private sector. This course will help you understand different forms of partnerships created to promote positive change in education, health and global supply chains. The course offers the opportunity to work with professionals in the development sector, to share experience and develop your practical skills.

Factsheet Image
Factsheet Image

What you will learn

You learn how to scope and build partnerships through to managing and evaluating progress as well as impact. This interactive course provides you with an understanding of the critical issues in the formation and management of partnerships. You apply your learning through case studies, exercises and roleplays which help to build your practical skills.

Daily Course Objectives

Day 1

Learning what partnerships are and different forms of partnerships

  • drivers, societal roles, mind-set and challenges of the public and private sector
  • the current partnering landscape, assumptions and how these affect your organisation and way of working
  • core principles of partnering

Day 2

Strategic issues for partnerships

  • make the case for partnering: what do you want to achieve and why?
  • think of practical and resource implications
  • understand partner's objectives and facilitate understanding of yours
  • define the partnership structure

Day 3

Set up and manage the partnership

Role-play to practice the skills of:
  • building trust with key stakeholders
  • navigating leadership and cultural issues
  • negotiation through interest-based negotiation
  • understanding different partnership agreements
  • managing risks

Day 4

Working in a partnership environment

  • understand the challenges of implementing partnerships work
  • field visit, where practical

Day 5

Putting it all together

  • measuring the social impact of a partnership
  • review of the case study - learning and reflection
  • the PPP cycle
  • consolidate the learning with techniques and tools
  • coaching for success
  • action planning
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