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Project Cycle Management

Managing for Development Results

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Duration: 5 days

Application Deadline
04-08 Nov 19
04 Oct 19

Please note if your sponsor is registered in the UK, VAT will be added to this course fee at 20%. Which is reclaimable for all registered charities.

This practical 5 day project cycle management training course is for development practitioners who want to know how the stages of a project can be structured, managed and communicated more effectively to enhance results.

Why choose this course

This course helps you to understand project cycle management (PCM) thinking and practices from a results and evidence based approach. As IMA International's foundation course it introduces and explains each of the core stages of the project and/or programme cycle, identifying and addressing critical design, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation issues. At each stage of the cycle useful tools and techniques are introduced, following the logic of the project cycle, giving you many tools and techniques for trying on your work projects. Whether you work in the field or a central office, you will learn how to confidently design, implement,and monitor and evaluate the project cycle and ultimately achieve better results.

Factsheet Image
Factsheet Image

What you will learn

Through a mix of practical activities, theory, examples of effective practice and an off-site visit (where practical) you will learn to:

  • understand the importance of project cycle management and a results-based approach to designing, planning, implementing, and monitoring and evaluating a project or programme.
  • identify, explain and use appropriate techniques and tools for different stages in the cycle to ensure effective project implementation management
  • ensure effective monitoring and evaluation, and support and manage project teams to achieve enhanced project results
  • recognise and strengthen learning, adjusting and decision making for better results.

Daily Course Objectives

Day 1

The essentials of project cycle management

  • project cycle and results-based management
  • project identification and situation analysis
  • policy context and issue identification
  • stakeholder analysis and relationship management in all stages of the project cycle.

Day 2

Project design

  • understanding different planning approaches
  • tools for field investigation and understanding dynamic situations
  • logical models and identification of the results chain levels of the planning matrix.

Day 3

Project appraisal methods

  • negotiations and engagement
  • project implementation and monitoring for results
  • value for money (VFM) and social return on investment (SROI)
  • mobilisation and scheduling.

Day 4

Qualitative and quantitative methods for risk assessment and management

  • project contracting and procurement
  • monitoring and managing performance
  • managing finance.

Day 5

Project reviews and evaluations

  • impact assessment
  • course overview and personal project workshop
  • personal action planning.
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