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Our coaching


On this page we answer the question, what is Coaching?  We also explain why we think it’s important and our approach.

You can also view our information about our partner.





Coaching provides a special opportunity to commit to assessing how we see the world, how that view serves us or not, and how we can actively develop – to be more effective in our roles and as people. 








We promote coaching because as a process it speaks to our own values – it is future focused, relational, challenging, reality based and it brings about tremendous, positive change. 

Effective coaching results in broadening repertoire and increasing performance – so that clients can contribute more positively and productively.  

Accredited coaches help clients identify and solve work and personal challenges to achieve remarkable insights and success. 








We are keen to develop potential and attentive to alerting people to all sorts of opportunities to develop their skills, confidence, work contribution and careers. Our coaching support is offered as a one-to-one service to help development practitioners (senior leaders, managers and staff) inspire and be inspired, improve their performance, better read the systems they are in, overcome challenges and motivate their teams.

We work alongside and in partnership with people from different cultures, sectors and working environments. We bring this understanding to our coaching relationships.




Our Partner:


The Kairos project increases the impact of charities and NGOs worldwide by empowering senior management teams through executive coaching and leadership development.

They partner with clients to help them increase their funding capability,
transform the way they work together, become more resilient and agile.


IMA partners with the Kairos Project which ensures a high-quality coaching and leadership development experience is available to our clients worldwide.