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About us


On this page you can view information about our direction, our people, our clients and our founder.


Ian MacDonald founded our company in 1983, 

at that time it was called Ian MacDonald and Associates.

In 1995 we became IMA International.






Our desired change:

Development practitioners and organisations around the world engage with IMA International as an innovative partner to develop their capacity to bring about transformational social change.


Trust, Relationships & Innovation




We think a key component in bringing about transformational change is the concept of trust. Trust is key in all the work we do and we believe it is an essential part of social change. We take the discipline of consulting and facilitating seriously and know that trust plays a huge role in this work which requires adapting to diverse contexts, mediating, creating safe spaces for meaningful conversations and making informed choices about applying flexible tools in a range of different scenarios.




We believe trust comes from the building of relationships, from the process of knowing individuals and organisations in a way which helps to construct and de-construct ideas and assumptions people strongly relate to and believe. We appreciate that our clients continue to invite us in at key points in their own growth and regard us as consultants they can trust to work relationally with them and support their organisations, programmes and people in new and multiple ways. 




For us, innovation then develops through this iterative and collective process of questioning, we think we can relate to our clients in a more realistic and meaningful manner which allows us not only to question our own practice but also to act as a mirror for organisations interested in embedding learning into their everyday processes. The great advantage of this approach is that as consultants, we do not act as service deliverers, but more importantly as learning partners, equally keen to be part of the positive evolution of our sector.  This is how we identify expertise – or better, the “art” involved in this type of work. 


You can read more about how we integrate these approaches to our work in our 'Stories of Patterns of Change' publication.


What makes us unique is our people

The Common Thread

Every single one of our consultants cares deeply about delivering social change.  That’s what brings us together, it is our common thread.

Experienced Facilitators

Our skilful facilitators initially show you the way and then gradually step back and let you and your teams take the lead.


Multidisciplinary Practitioners

Drawing on our team of multidisciplinary practitioners, we are ideally positioned to help you tackle complex problems in international development.

Academic & Field Experience

We bring academic and field experience together to help organisation’s bring about social change in their sectors.



We have an experienced and enthusiastic team from all around the world, find out more about our staff...



Who we work with

Bringing Worlds Together

The international development community is large, complex and varied and we have worked with all types of development organisations. Through our experience, we understand the challenges development organisations encounter.

With the diverse mix of people across different sectors participating on our training courses, you'll find common experiences as well as new ideas to share and take back to your workplace.  


UN Agencies and International Organisations

Local, National and International

Public Sector 
(Government ministries, departments)

Private Sector Companies




We work with BIG organisations and small ones




Ian MacDonald stayed in touch with us through the years, often joining the groups on social events. He was delighted his organisation grew into a leading training and consultancy provider in the development world. In September 2006, Ian passed away and many of our alumni sent their condolences to us and his family. 


IMA International continues to promote the values that Ian strived for, of real participation and the creation of a warm social scene for all.