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We are an international development consultancy
focused on creating learning spaces for social change

Established 1983   




Trust, Relationships & Innovation

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We work with NGOs, bilateral and multilateral agencies, national governments, UN agencies and the private sector to build common purpose, develop potential, and discover new ways to stimulate positive change.

Featured course

Monitoring and Evaluation for Results

(5 or 10 days)

Monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes using results approaches


Through a mix of practical activities, theory and examples of effective practice you will learn how to:

- decide what and how to monitor with different stakeholders
- clarify key results at the programme-level using logic models
- plan a project using the logical framework
- develop indicators and targets
- participatory methods for data collection and analysis
- design and manage evaluation
use your M&E findings to stimulate learning, improvement and stakeholder buy-in.

- develop and work with a practical M&E system












With over 35 years’ experience in the international development,

we have worked with individuals and teams from more the 135 countries.


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Featured news  


  • WHY: To understand EAFM implementation at various levels of government and across sectors.
  • WHO: UNIDO and Institute of Marine Research (IMR)
  • WHAT: Consultancy
  • WHERE: Port Sudan
  • WHEN: April 2019

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  • WHY: To understand leadership behaviours and functions of leaders in organizations
  • WHO: SMC
  • WHAT: Leadership and Change Management workshop
  • HOW: One day training
  • WHERE: Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • WHEN: April 2019

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  • WHO: UNDP Yemen
  • WHAT: Tailor-made training
  • HOW: One week training
  • WHERE: Yemen
  • WHEN: April 2019

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Crafting Stories at 2019 KMbForum


Tags: Ruth Jolly, Silvia Capezzuoli, KMbForum, Workshop, Knowledge Management


  • WHY: To learn, share, network and create new stories in a convivial way
  • WHAT: KMbForum
  • HOW: Workshop
  • WHERE: Newcastle
  • WHEN: April 2019

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  • WHO: JA Europe
  • WHAT: Workshop
  • HOW: 3 day workshop
  • WHERE: Chisinau, Moldova
  • WHEN: 9-11 April 2019

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A First: EAFm for Inland Fisheries!


Tags: FAO, Fisheries, EAFM, Consultancy, Multi-Stakeholder


  • WHY: To address the diversity of inland fisheries, the standard EAFM marine-focused course needed to be strategically adapted and piloted
  • WHO: FAO FiRM project
  • WHAT: EAFm multi-stakeholder workshop/Consultancy
  • WHERE: Mangochi, Malawi
  • WHEN: March 2019

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  • WHY: To foster a real culture of M&E for improved organisational effectiveness
  • WHO: Botswana National Productivity Centre
  • WHAT: 5-day M&E for Results training and 3-day associated Training of Trainers
  • HOW: build M&E capacity for a cross section of 25 staff, and develop a cadre of consultants and researchers to support M&E practice in-house as well as in client-facing work
  • WHERE: Gaborone, Botswana
  • WHEN: February 2019

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“Who eats what food in the family?”


Tags: FAO, Consultancy, Nutrition


“Who eats what food in the family?” This was a question posed to a group of high school students at a nutrition club meeting today in Mymensingh, Bangladesh. In this ‘Food Plate’ game, groups of students selected the food images that their grandfathers, grandmothers, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters had eaten at their last evening meal. The differences were discussed keenly with the group. This group of 35 students have been meeting for a year and enjoy inspiring each other as well as their families with nutritious and safe ways of preparing food.  All of this was observed by Leigh Dowsett and Chris...
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  • WHY: OPCW hired IMA International in a consultancy to support the development of a Results Based Management (RBM) system.
  • WHO: Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)
  • WHAT: Consultancy
  • HOW: Consultancy
  • WHERE: Den Hague

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  • WHY: To build practitioners’ self-awareness, confidence and skills in their service as accountable decision-makers.
  • WHO: IMA International
  • WHAT: Training course
  • HOW: 5 days workshop
  • WHERE: Bangkok
  • WHEN: November 2018

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  • WHY: To increase the transparency and openness of development resource flows.
  • WHO: International Aid Transparency Initiative
  • WHAT: Ten years since the International Aid Transparency Initiative set up.
  • HOW: By bringing together governments, multilateral institutions, private sector and civil society organisations.

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