Why people choose IMA International

With over 30 years experience supporting international development practitioners, we are well-placed to understand your needs, whether you are an NGO, private sector company, UN agency or government.

Why Choose IMA Why Choose IMA


What makes us special?

We listen and focus on the things that are important to you. We are commited to knowledge sharing, quality delivery and personal service and believe in working in partnership with both individuals and organisations. And it is these values that keep clients returning to us.     

Why people choose our international development training

Clients say the quality and experience of our trainers sets our international development training apart. Our trainers are qualified international development practitioners with up-to-date knowledge of their subject. So whether you choose an open course at one of our international training hubs, or in-house training, you can be sure of a professional and rewarding learning experience.

Our participatory approach is well received. We make sure everyone is engaged and involved in the learning process so you benefit from the experience and insight of the other development practitioners. And that extends to our social programme. Yes, it is fun and importantly, it is another opportunity for you to share your learning with development practitioners from around the world.

Why not check out our real time feedback from other development practitioners.

Why people choose our international development consulting

Many clients choose us for consultancy after having a great training experience with us. Wherever you are in the world, and whatever the nature of your project, our international development consultants can help.  You can find consultants to match your specific project needs by using our online database of over 600 consultants' CVs or alternatively speak to us directly.

Why people choose our international development management coaching

IMA International works in partnership with people and organisations from different cultures and working environments. Because our consultants and trainers work hard on building relationships, we see opportunities for individuals to develop their skills and approach. Our coaching support is a one-to-one service to help managers improve their performance, overcome challenges and motivate their teams.

Want to find out more

Contact us if you would like to talk about any training, consultancy or coaching questions you may have. Also see our frequently asked questions.

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