Resource Mobilisation and Fundraising

Organisational development for a sustainable future

On this Resource Mobilisation and Fundraising training course find out how your organisation can grow by planning and implementing your fundraising strategically:
- be inspired to mobilise resources, locally, regionally and internationally
- have more control over the future of your organisation or project funding by creating the right conditions for successful income generation

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Why choose this course

Whether you need to strengthen and have more control of your fundraising programmes, or simply diversify your income, this training will help you to improve your organisation’s long term financial sustainability. This course combines the trainer’s global expertise with participants’ knowledge and experience in a way that helps each individual to understand how to create the conditions for successful fundraising. Participants learn and discuss the core principles of resource mobilisation, specific fundraising techniques and how to diversify an organisation’s income. It is designed for fundraisers (including those new to it), senior managers, and project managers, who want to develop strategic income.

What you will learn

Through a mix of practical case studies, theory and participatory activities you learn how to:

  • build a case for support and present to potential donors
  • apply a variety of fundraising techniques
  • target both private and public money
  • do a fundraising audit
  • write a fundraising strategy

Daily Course Objectives

Subject to change to reflect participants' needs.

  • Day 1
    Core principles of fundraising
    • build a case for support and present it to potential donors
    • understand the magic of direct marketing; online and off-line

  • Day 2
    Find the right donors
    • research potential donors, creating longlists and shortlists
    • acquire new donors
    • build long lasting relationships

  • Day 3
    Fundraising techniques
    • work with major donors; public and private sector
    • write successful fundraising applications to trusts and foundations
    • learn more about multi- and bilateral funders
    • what makes a strong appeal
  • Day 4
    Fundraising strategy
    • recognise your own organisation’s strengths
    • conduct a fundraising audit
    • write a strategic fundraising plan including practical work planning
  • Day 5
    Nurturing the donor relationship
    • master the communication with your donors, on- and off line
    • the tricks for exceeding donor expectations
    • learn from successes and failures.

What our participants say

"Jolan is a superior trainer with an abundance of direct fundraising experience with all types of donors and organizations, gained and internalized over the years combined with openness, honesty and generosity spiced with a true passion for philanthropy, makes her rank high in the premier league of resource mobilization training."
Jan Kroupa, Head of Czech Fundraising Centre

Interview with our most recent applicant to this course: Adamu Garba Executive Director of Nigerian NGO, Diamond Development Initiatives (DDI)

What is DDI’s approach?
DDI is committed to participatory community development - projects that are initiated by, reflect the priorities of, and present the ideas put forward by members of the implementing group. We believe communities have a right to control their lives through broad based participation in decision making processes.

Why did you apply for the Resource Mobilisation and Fundraising training?
We commenced operations 15 years ago, but we are still hugely donor-dependent. As a result, the grants we receive are project specific. I applied for this course to explore several fundraising options, and more importantly improve our chances of long-term sustainability by developing streams of income that would serve as unrestricted funds for DDI.

What do you hope the training will help you to do?
I want to design a fundraising strategy with clear action steps that we can fit into our overall organizational strategic plan.

How did you hear of IMA?
I found out about the training through an internet search.

Quick Facts

  • Duration:
  • 5 days
  • Venue
  • Date
  • Application Deadline
  • Fee
  • Bangkok
  • 20-24 Nov 17
  • 20 Oct 17
  • £2300
  • Bangkok
  • 15-19 Oct 18
  • 15 Sep 18
  • £2350
  • Tailor-made:
  • We also run in-house training on this topic. To find out how we could help mobilise resources and fundraise within your organisation call us on +44(0)1273 833030 or complete the training enquiry form.
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