Knowledge Management

Unlock insights in your organisation

Find out how your organisation can learn from its experiences to become more innovative, responsive and efficient:
- develop a culture that harnesses the know-how and experience of your people
- make knowledge accessible to everyone who needs it, by building knowledge sharing into everyday operations.

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Why choose this course

This unique course is designed for development professionals who have an interest in information and knowledge management and knowledge sharing approaches. It is ideal for managers of teams and departments, especially for those who recognise the value of sharing beyond organisational silos. monitoring and evaluation specialists wanting to help others interpret, share and use their insights benefit from this course. Communications, learning and development, and IT specialists find it equally valuable.

What you will learn

Through a mix of practical activities, theory and case study examples you will learn how to:

  • create an enabling environment within your own organisation that encourages knowledge sharing
  • apply knowledge sharing tools and techniques in practice
  • take advantage of emerging opportunities in the use of information, communication and technology for knowledge sharing
  • do a knowledge management assessment of your organisation
  • develop and implement a knowledge management strategy within your organisation

Daily Course Objectives

Subject to change to reflect participants' needs.

  • Day 1
    Knowledge management fundamentals

    • understand the fundamentals of knowledge management and its benefits for your organisation

    • align knowledge management with your organisation's strategy and objectives

    • identify the key components of knowledge management

    • understand the cultural and behavioural elements of knowledge management

    • development the right environment for knowledge sharing and overcoming challenges.

  • Day 2
    Promoting self reflection

    • discuss the role of KM in an organisation

    • identify where KM is situated in your organisation

    • make the best use of organisational assessments

    • generate meaningful lessons learned.

  • Day 3
    Maximise knowledge sharing and learning opportunities

    • recognise and maximise learning opportunities in the project cycle
    • identify knowledge champions
    • exchange current examples of information communication technology (ITC) and social media tools
    • explore and apply knowledge sharing techniques and processes

  • Day 4
    Knowledge management strategy

    • conduct a knowledge management assessment and situational analysis

    • challenges and successes in developing and implementing a knowledge management strategy

    • learn from practical lessons, challenges and recommendations to develop knowledge management in your organisation.

What our participants say

“The course is fantastic. I have now increased my capacity beyond monitoring and evaluation and understand how my organisation can learn from its programme successes and failures, and capitalise on these learnings. By having knowledge champions at all levels we can avoid relying solely on our communications staff.”
Brima Kamara, M&E Officer, IFAD Sierra Leone

"Since participating on this very useful knowledge management workshop I am now engaged in IFAD’s country KM strategy, strengthening KM in our projects and forming a KM group.”
Ahmed Subahi, Country Programme Officer, IFAD, Sudan

"This course was very helpful and I thoroughly enjoyed the participatory discussions. It was fun learning - I particularly like how the course was structured and how everything came together nicely. The interactions and feedback were meaningful and sincere."
Shadiyana Begum, Research Associate, UNFPA Pacific Sub-Regional Office,
Republic of Fiji

"Great course, which I really enjoyed and helped me in my work."
Giovanni Capannelli, Principle Economist, Asian Development Bank, Philippines

"IMA is a class apart. The training approach on this course was involving and participatory and instrumental for easy learning.It opened up my inner thinking and helped me not to take the people around me for granted."
Awori Cathy, Rural Financial Services Programme, Uganda

This course is really and truly about knowledge management and how to achieve the practical reality of institutionalizing KM into any organisation and unlocking deep knowledge.
Ubah Nnenna, Knowledge Management Officer, Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC), Nigeria

"IMA offers a quality training course with highly knowledgeable training providers with excellent facilitation skills. Throughout this training course I've learnt quite a lot of new things around knowledge sharing methods, assessment and action planning. These are very helpful for my team and organisation."
Kolab Chhim, Monitoring and Evaluation Team Leader, KHANA, Cambodia

"I came on this course not sure what I could do to change the KM culture of my organisation. I am leaving motivated and re-energised – I have a clear sense of direction and I’m excited now with the prospect of implementing my new action plan."
Camille Neyhouser, Organisational Learning & Knowledge Management Specialist, Fred Hallows Institute, Australia

Meet the Trainer

'You may ask, why run a course on knowledge management? Well because - we believe everyone should be a knowledge worker. From forming bonds to enable peer learning, to fostering critical self-reflection; our KM training takes you on a journey of discovery.
Silvia Capezzuoli, IMA Senior Consultatant

Quick Facts

  • Duration:
  • 4 days
  • Venue
  • Date
  • Application Deadline
  • Fee
  • Brussels
  • 02-05 May 17
  • 28 Apr 17
  • £1900
  • confirmed
  • Brighton
  • 12-15 Sep 17
  • 11 Aug 17
  • £1900
  • Bangkok
  • 07-10 Nov 17
  • 09 Oct 17
  • £1900
  • Tailor-made:
  • We also do Knowledge Management in-house training, most recently we support BRAC Bangladesh and HIV INGO Avert. To find out how we could help knowledge management within your organisation call us on +44(0)1273 833030 or complete the training enquiry form.
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