International Development Training

Whether you are in the private sector, an NGO, government department or UN agency, we have a range of international development training courses to suit your needs.

Training Training

International development training

IMA International runs participatory training courses in South Africa, Thailand, Kenya and the UK. We also do tailor-made training that meets your organisation's specific needs in a location that suits you. Our coaching service helps development practitioners develop their skills through one to one support. 

Our training courses cover four areas and are all available as tailor-made training too:


  • Monitoring and Evaluation for Results 10-days
    • 21 Sep 2015 - 02 Oct 2015 - Cape Town, South Africaconfirmed
    • 02 Nov 2015 - 13 Nov 2015 - Bangkok, Thailand
    • 29 Feb 2016 - 11 Mar 2016 - Cape Town, South Africa
    • 09 May 2016 - 20 May 2016 - Valencia, Spain
  • Monitoring and Evaluation for Results 5-days
    • 21 Sep 2015 - 25 Sep 2015 - Cape Town, South Africaconfirmed
    • 02 Nov 2015 - 06 Nov 2015 - Bangkok, Thailand
    • 16 Nov 2015 - 20 Nov 2015 - New York, United States
    • 29 Feb 2016 - 04 Mar 2016 - Cape Town, South Africa
    • 09 May 2016 - 13 May 2016 - Valencia, Spain
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  • Certificate in Applied Evaluation
    • 02 Nov 2015 - 20 Nov 2015 - Bangkok, Thailand
    • 29 Feb 2016 - 18 Mar 2016 - Cape Town, South Africa
    • 09 May 2016 - 27 May 2016 - Valencia, Spain
  • Value for Money
    • 14 Sep 2015 - 18 Sep 2015 - London, United Kingdomconfirmed
    • 30 Nov 2015 - 04 Dec 2015 - Cape Town, South Africa
    • 18 Apr 2016 - 22 Apr 2016 - Cape Town, South Africa
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  • Knowledge Management
    • 06 Oct 2015 - 09 Oct 2015 - Brussels, Belgium
    • 24 Nov 2015 - 27 Nov 2015 - Bangkok, Thailand
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Tailor-made Training

Why people choose IMA International development training

In our 2015 customer survey over 300 IMA alumni training particpants rated us better than other training providers they have experienced on: quality of training delivery, reputation,
expertise and practical application, customer service and quality of learning materials. And rated our courses value for money.

Over a quarter of participants join our training programmes on recommended by their organisation, networks or colleagues, whilst the majority of people choose us after doing an internet search for a trusted training provider. Our trainers are all experienced development practitioners as well as qualified trainers. Our interactive training approach and dedication to making sure all our participants finish a training course confident in their ability to take what they have learnt and share with their organisation so they can have a positive impact.  We believe that through our approach to learning we can make sustainable change at both the individual and organisational level.

How to apply for our training courses:

  • choose your course and fill in our online application form or email us for the form.
  • we check your learning objectives and let you know if we think we have a better course for you.
  • we contact your sponsor to confirm they will pay the tuition fee.  We are unable to sponsor you ourselves.
  • when your sponsor confirms paying the fee, we send an invoice to them for payment and a confirmation email to you. We attach a visa support letter you can send to the relevant embassy if you need one.
  • your sponsor pays the invoice (our bank details are on the invoice).
  • courses are confirmed four weeks before the course start date.  This depends on the number of people who confirm attending. We send you a welcome pack whihc is full of useful information, so you can book flights and accommodation. If we cancel a course and you have already paid, we give you a full refund and you receive a 15% discount on future bookings.
  • try to arrive at the training venue at least a day before the course starts.

Application Process:

  1. Complete your application form
  2. IMA reviews your application
  3. Your Sponsor confirms budget
  4. IMA receives your payment
  5. Course is confirmed and you receive your Welcome Pack.
  6. Book your flights and accommodation
  7. Course starts


If you have any questions regarding your application or sponsorship, please call IMA International on 01273 833030.


Want to know more?

See our course calendar to book a place on a course. If you have questions about our tailor-made or scheduled courses do contact us. You may also find the answer on our frequently asked questions page.

Upcoming Courses:

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