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One of our core values is building relationships with our clients who then become partners. Our innovative approach tends to challenge the mainstream discourse in development cooperation, to bring about an understanding and action to contribute to social change. See IMA's organisational profile.

Consultancy Consultancy

Consultancy approach

We offer consultation services for groups of decision-makers and implementers, international development practitioners, working in function or project teams – in complex organisations of social change.

Processes we facilitate

Organisations invite us in for the particular approach we bring to design, facilitation and review of processes such as:

  • strategic thinking and planning
  • programme and project development
  • theme and issue based enquiry and action planning
  • tackling pressing and perceived relational issues
  • monitoring and evaluation
  • participatory action research
  • coaching

Why choose IMA International development consulting?

We see good things with the way we consult with individuals and groups, our clients are keen to look at fundamentals; at purpose and identity; at international trends and the call for meaningful response, who work with uncertainty and transformation.

We honour the relationships we have and enjoy the interactions we are part of.  The majority of our consulting work arises from clients who then recommend us to others. 
With our attentive contracting and customised delivery, clients can expect:

•    Challenge, support and space to take stock and change

People involved in the consultancy are likely to experience:
•    Break-throughs; insights; surprises; validation of experience and new conversations

They are likely to gain:
•    Renewed dedication; deeper connection with colleagues; increased ambition and energy for learning and a clear sense of collectively agreed action

Typically, your organisation and IMA International have cultivated a relationship of mutual trust which allows for this style of consultation.  For example, we are often approached for consultation once clients have got to know us through being part of a learning and training programme, group facilitation or retreat event.  

Where we Work

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