Professional Coaching

Find inspiration and reach your full potential

  • prioritise work successfully
  • make clear, sustainable decisions
  • be an inspirational leader
  • achieve work-life balance
  • start a new role with impact
  • win the hearts and minds of your staff  


Why choose coaching

Professional coaches work with staff in all kinds of organisations, not just sport, helping them solve work and personal challenges to achieve huge success. In the UK coaching has already taken off in more than 70 per cent of organisations*, inspiring staff to think creatively and know how to take action.

How it works

In a coaching session you decide what to talk about while the coach listens, asks questions, makes observations and gives feedback. You can tap into one of our professional personal coaches at the end of a phone (useful when you have a busy travel schedule) or meet personally. With their experience in the development world our coaches can tune into your work context quickly.

Your coaching options

We offer individual and organisation-wide coaching to meet your needs and budget.

You can choose how many coaching sessions you would like, from a single session to an ongoing professional relationship. We can even train you and your managers to coach your staff to transform your organisation.

Whatever you choose, your coach will help you discover what you want and find the best way to get it – you will see extraordinary results in your life, career and organisation.

Who is coaching for?

  • senior executives and decision makers with complex problems
  • operational managers who would like support as they work to balance conflicting priorities
  • individual staff members as they put new learning into practice and want to work more productively with others.

Coaching Fees

Regular Price


'Laser Coaching'

This one off session allows you to tackle one or a series of challenges with your chosen coach. This option works well if you want to test out coaching, have a single issue that can be tackled quickly or simply want to get to know your coach before committing to a longer programme.

Please get in touch using the contact details below to discuss prices for face-to-face coaching options.



This package contains six coaching sessions for one person. Sessions are typically spread over six months.


(£250 per session)


This package contains 24 sessions you can share among up to four key staff members. Each person has a minimum of three sessions with the coach.


(£220 per session)

All session are for 50 minutes. Longer sessions can be arranged if felt to be beneficial; rates will
adjusted accordingly.
VAT will be added to invoices sent to UK Organisations.
Alumni and past sponsors receive 15 per cent discount on all coaching packages.

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